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We are happy to welcome you to the Opportunity, a gîte that is part of the "Cerf-Volant". You will find in this booklet the main information concerning the operation of the house as well as practical information on the surroundings.
I remain at your disposal for any further information.

Le Cerf Volant
725 chemin des Odons 67420 Plaine
tel: (+33)


Practical information from the house

Internet access :

Wifi network name: cerf volant
Wifi password: 04730798


The cottage has orange TV: turn on the TV and the decoder, there is access to Netflix, Disney +, Canal + and premium video for free.
All paid options will be re-invoiced.


switching on the hob:
- press on/off for 1 second
_ press lock for 3 seconds
- the plate is on
- choose the cooking zone and adjust the power

Front door

To lock the front door with the key, you must raise the door handle vertically


Nordic bath

The physical benefits

The Nordic bath is a real booster for morale but also for the body:
•         Your skin is firmed, gaining elasticity with a lifting effect.
•         It offers a real detox: the skin is deeply cleansed and freed of its toxins!
•         Your blood circulation becomes more efficient and your heart benefits!
•         The immune system is stimulated
•         Osteoarthritis, body aches, asthma or colds are relieved!

The relaxing effects of the Nordic bath

The Nordic bath has an immediate relaxing effect, and your spirits soar!
Say goodbye to stress, tension, fatigue... You feel calm, light.
You don'tAlso share a very friendly moment!
After a Nordic bath, you should have a very restful night!


- €40 per day
- €20 for bathrobes for all guests and for the stay
Access to the bath works like the stay, it is available from 4 p.m. until the day after the last day at 10 a.m.

Forêt verte

Let's preserve our planet

Please remember to turn off the devices and not leave them on standby.

Please remember to turn off the light when you leave a place

Please limit the time in the shower

Please do not play with water, water is a precious commodity that should be saved

Recycling is preserving the environment, so please do not throw your rubbish loose

Symbole de recyclage vert

Yellow bags intended for selective sorting are available under the sink, you can place the full bags under the shelter on the side of the house.

selective sorting.png

The household waste bins as well as the glass are to be deposited in the container in the middle of the village (see map), the access key to the household waste container is on the keys of the house

Femme trinquant


Here are the restaurants we suggest:

- Restaurant de la Poste(1)
  01 rue du Donon, 88110 Raon-sur-Plaine
  phone: (+33) 03 29 41 16 89
- the velleda (2)
  4, Col du Donon., 67130 COL DU DONON
  phone: (+33) 03 88 97 20 32

- Auberge de la Maix  (3)
1 Rue de la Malgrange, 88110 Vexaincourt
  phone: (+33)03 29 51 48 68

- Restaurant les 2 gros (4)
  9 Place de la Mairie 9, 54540 Pierre-Percée
  phone: (+33)03 83 42 94 75

- Le chalet d'Altitude (5)
  4 pl. of the Town Hall, 54540 Pierre-Percée
  phone: (+33)0383420352


post office restaurant.png
inn de la maix.png
the 2 big.png
mountain chalet_edited.jpg
map restaurant raon.png
Parent et enfant au supermarché


You will find supermarkets in the town of Schirmeck (15 minutes away):
- Intermarché
- Bricomarché
- Match
In the village you will find a small grocery store with  basic necessities,  bread and tobacco depot.


Capture d’écran 2023-09-08 062416.png
Capture d’écran 2023-09-08 073033.png


swimming pools

- Boiséo / 135 c, Rue du General de Gaulle, 67130 La Broque

- Aqua Mundo Center Parcs Les Trois Forêts water park / 1 Rue de Bertrambois, 57790 Hattigny


- European center for deported resistance fighters - Site of the former Natzwiller-Struthof concentration camp / route départementale 130 - 67130 Natzwiller

- Memorial Alsace-Moselle / All. du Souvenir Français, 67130 Schirmeck-  Fort de Mutzig - Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II / Rue du Camp - 67190 Dinsheim sur Bruche

- Jean-Frédéric Oberlin Museum / 25 montée Oberlin - 67130 Waldersbach

Find all the information on:


- a map with the hiking trails is available in the house.

- the greenway is accessible in the middle of the village and will take you to Raon l'Etape through the villages of the valley and the forest

Parks and activities Pierre Percée

- Adventure park: Tree climbing course for young and old - bungee jumping and Tyrolcable in an exceptional setting!

- Nature Sports Pole : Leisure park dedicated to outdoor fun activities: towed buoy, kayak, battle archery, electric scooter...

- Leisure base: Refreshment bar, beach, pedalo, minigolf, go-karts

- Canoe rental point: sail on the lake of Pierre-Percé aboard canoe_kayak and paddle.

All information on:

Leisure area and shops Le trefle

You will find on site a multitude of indoor activities, shops and a wide choice of restaurants.
- the city of children / fun city
- Jail Island
- escape game
- laser game
- cinema - movie theater
- ...
Place called, Rue du Burgweg, 67120 Dorlisheim

Find all the information on:

Médecin asiatique effectuant un examen de santé général pour un enfant


In the event of a medical emergency, you can contact 112 to reach the emergency services, the St Luc clinic in Schirmeck has an emergency service.

Clinique St Luc   
10 Rue des Forges, 67130 Schirmeck  
phone: (+33)  03 88 47 41 41


The Schirmeck health center offers you a multitude of health services, general practitioners, nurses as well as various specialized medicines.

The Bergopré health center
1 place du bergopré – 67130 Schirmeck
Tel: (+33) 03 88 47 57 80


You will find several pharmacies in the town of Schirmeck.

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