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We are happy to welcome you to the Opportunité, a gîte that is part of the "Cerf-Volant". You will find in this booklet the main information concerning the operation of the house as well as practical information on the surroundings.
I remain at your disposal for any further information.

Le Cerf Volant
725 chemin des Odons 67420 Plaine
tel: (+33)


Practical information from the house

Internet access :

Wi-Fi network name: opportunite
Wifi password: 216


The cottage has orange TV: turn on the television (av 5) and the decoder, there is access to Netflix, Disney + and prime video for free.
All paid options will be re-invoiced.

Lighting Living room - dining room/kitchen

You can change the lighting in the living room with a first remote control and the kitchen dining room with the second.


Centralized suction:

The suction hose is located in the laundry room, simply insert it into a socket to turn it on.

The sockets are located

-    Ground floor :

o    Corridor

o    Living room

o    Dining room

-    Floor

o    2 sockets in the hallway at ground level


InkedIMG_0671 li_LI.jpg

Wood stove

open the stove door; thanks to the instrument provided for this purpose

The stove has 3 positions:

normal with the window

be careful not to leave this position when you are away

closed position,
this position is to be used at night to avoid dirtying the window

the change is carried out using the instrument, simply push to release the rotation

the pull adjusts the draft of the stove, to the right you increase, to the left you decrease

the wood is positioned upright, to light it is enough to put a few logs, a fire starter in the middle then a few pieces of kindling on the fire starter

wood for the use of the stove is provided free of charge, do not hesitate to contact us if you are missing any.


roller shutters

The house is equipped with electric roller shutters for most windows.
the shutter in the corner of the living room can sometimes be capricious and does not want to open or close: wait until the first shutter is completely open (or closed), press the middle button then press the up button (or to come down).

Forêt verte

Let's preserve our planet

Please remember to turn off the devices and not leave them on standby.

Please remember to turn off the light when you leave a place

Please limit the time in the shower

Please do not play with water, water is a precious commodity that should be saved

Recycling is preserving the environment, so please do not throw your rubbish loose

Symbole de recyclage vert
affiche tri selectif.PNG
plan tri selectif.PNG

Sorting bins are available in the laundry room, sorting is done as follows: glass; the box ; and the packaging (plastic metal and food carton) please place them in the containers located in the middle of the village (see map)

The household waste bin is located at the entrance to the basement

Femme trinquant


You will find a wide choice of restaurants in the region, here are the main ones that we particularly recommend:

- La Belle Vue (1)
  36 Rue Principale, 67420 Saulxures
  telephone: (+33) 03 88 19 96 99

- Le Café de la Promenade (2)
  275 Rue du Premier Bcp In Diespach, 67420 Plaine
  telephone: (+33) 03 88 97 35 36

- Auberge du Pont des Bas (3)
  Le Pont des Bas, D1420, 67130 La Broque
  telephone: (+33)03 88 97 38 80

- Chez Julien (4)
  750 Route de Strasbourg, 67130 Fouday
  telephone: (+33)03 88 97 30 09

- Auberge de la Charbonnière (5)
Col de la Charbonnière, 67130 BELLEFOSSE
  telephone: (+33)03 88 08 31 17


la belle vue.png
café de la promenade.png
pont des bas.png
carte restau.png
Parent et enfant au supermarché


You will find supermarkets in the town of Schirmeck (15 minutes):
- Intermarché
- Bricomarché
- Match
In the village of Saint Blaise la Roche (5 minutes away) you will find a Proxi who sells tobacco and post office, a bakery and a car garage/gas station.
In the village of Saales (7 minutes) you will find a supermarket "La Coccinelle", open every day, which offers fresh bread and which is also a hit.
There is  also a “bread depot” machine located at the Saulxures town hall

Weekly market :
- Rothau: Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
- Schirmeck: Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
- Saales: mountain producers' market, out of season on the 2nd Friday of the month, during the summer period every Friday, always from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-12 063331.png
Capture d’écran 2023-09-12 064754.png


swimming pools

- Boiséo / 135 c, Rue du Général de Gaulle, 67130 La Broque

- Aquavallées Nautical Center / 1 Rue Principale, 67220 Bassemberg

- Aqua Mundo Center Parcs Les Trois Forêts water park / 1 Rue de Bertrambois, 57790 Hattigny


- European center for deported resistance fighters - Site of the former Natzwiller-Struthof concentration camp / route départementale 130 - 67130 Natzwiller

- Memorial Alsace-Moselle / All. du Souvenir Français, 67130 Schirmeck-  Fort de Mutzig - Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II / Rue du Camp - 67190 Dinsheim sur Bruche

- Jean-Frédéric Oberlin Museum / 25 montée Oberlin - 67130 Waldersbach

Find all the information on:


- a map with the hiking trails is available in the house, a small red flag indicates the best places to visit

- the Bruche Valley cycle path passing through the middle of the village takes you from the town of Saales to Strasbourg

Fire field activities

- in Winter: Alpine skiing - cross-country skiing - snowshoe equipment rental on the spot

- in summer: tree climbing - summer tobogganing - horse riding - plain ball

Find all the information on:

Leisure area and shops Le trefle

You will find on site a multitude of indoor activities, shops and a wide choice of restaurants.
- the city of children / fun city
- Jail Island
- escape game
- laser game
- cinema - movie theater
- ...
Place called, Rue du Burgweg, 67120 Dorlisheim

Find all the information on:

Médecin asiatique effectuant un examen de santé général pour un enfant


In the event of a medical emergency, you can contact 112 to reach the emergency services, the St Luc clinic in Schirmeck has an emergency service.

Clinique St Luc   
10 Rue des Forges, 67130 Schirmeck  
phone: (+33)  03 88 47 41 41


The Schirmeck health center offers you a multitude of health services, general practitioners, nurses as well as various specialized medicines.

The Bergopré health center
1 place du bergopré – 67130 Schirmeck
Tel: (+33) 03 88 47 57 80


You will find several pharmacies in the town of Schirmeck.

Vin blanc mousseux
Capture d’écran 2023-09-20 065810.png

vins d'ici et vins d'ailleurs

We invite you to discover the wines offered by our collaborator André HEIM.

  Vins d'ici vins d'ailleurs selects for you producers who are passionate and proud of their terroir. Authentic wines, mastery of vini_viticole techniques, wines that will enhance your dishes. Professionals already trust us and you?

Here is a selection of Alsace wines:

- Gewurztraminer Kaefferkopf Maurice Gray  15€

- Pinot Gris Frey  13€

- Riesing Scheiferkopf   15€

- Klevener Schendehiesel    9.7€

- Pinot Noir Wassler Wustberg  12.5€

- Cremant Wassler  12.5€

Rhône Valley:

- Bila Haut villages Chapoutier  8€

You can contact him directly by telephone or e-mail, orders can be delivered directly to the cottage!

André HEIM

Independent representative trader

8, la Climontaine 67420 Colroy la Roche

06 79 80 44 98


Gîte l'Opportunité invites you to discover local honey produced by Audrey and Sébastien.

You can contact us directly for products available on site.

Our honeys:


Fir honey 500g : €11.00

Forest honey 500g : €9

Audrey and Sébastien are 2 passionate beekeepers from the Bruche valley. They embarked on the adventure in 2016 and work with the “Alsatian” hive model that they make themselves using Weymouth pine from the surrounding forests.

They are lucky to have their beekeeping operation located in the region of the sub-Vosges hills where the biodiversity is still very rich and little contaminated by pesticides. Their hives therefore benefit from very diverse pollen and nectar resources in this varied environment of meadows, orchards, crops, villages... This great floral variety explains why each year, each season, their honeys are different in terms of their color, their crystallization more or less fast and their taste. This is, of course, proof of authenticity and the big difference with industrial honeys which can be blends.

Transhumance makes it possible to produce several honeys during the same season, ending in the Vosges forests (Donon massif) in order to harvest the famous “fir honey”. Once the last harvests are finished, they relocate the hives towards the plains and hills for wintering, in a more favorable climate.

The bee is an essential link in the food chain. They ensure 80% of pollination and therefore reproduction of flowering plants! Honey being such a wonderful product (just like other beehive products), let's protect the bee which is one of the most fascinating insects but unfortunately, it is also one of the most threatened...

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